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Coordinator's Pick|Brittany: Fall Inspiration

When it comes to décor, fashion and styling white, gray, beige and black have been our staple go to neutrals for as long as we can remember. But why not mix it up with our newest neutral, navy?Like a chameleon, this versatile shade of blue can acclimate for use with almost anything. Navy can add a classic feel, ground vibrant colors, complement many different hues, and can also blend with your other favorite neutrals. Whether you’re getting dressed for the day, decorating your master bedroom or styling wedding tablescapes, navy can do all of the aforementioned in each scenario.

This palette, built with blue’s natural complimentary color, orange, provides a rich and bold contrast that is visually intriguing but still aesthetically pleasing . While metallic accents in bronze and pops of oxblood red provide added warmth and drama to the look, lush, leafy florals with full blossoms add an organic essence. Although directly inspired by autumn, this vampy look could easy be used in the winter season as well. This scheme is perfect for those who enjoy some mystery and a touch of warmth and texture with an added splash of glam.




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