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As much as some like to believe, planning an event isn’t all blooming peonies and prosecco tickling your nose;  it’s a lot of organization, list making, budgeting and negotiation, personnel management, difficult conversations, problem solving, double checking,  triple checking and long hours.


Events can become stressful, and more than anything, if it is about you and your loved ones, you should be able to enjoy it.

That is why there are people like us.

For most, planning a large event doesn’t  happen too frequently. A lot of people are not familiar  with or have not worked with a variety of florists,  photographers, cake bakers, wait staff providers, lighting companies and DJs. Being familiar  is part of our business. We have built relationships with vendors in various categories and know which vendors are reputable, passionate about their services and which will be best fit for your occasion.

With every project, we hope to provide our clients with ease of mind knowing we have their vision execution and most importantly, their best interest as our top priority. Our client's upmost confidence in us is our ultimate goal, no matter the scale of the task.

MEET the team

Brittany L. King  [the artist]





Astrological Sign:   Capricorn          

Favorite Food:        Braised Short Rib Pasta

Favorite Drink:        Champagne w/ St. Germain

Favorite Color(s):    Eggplant Purple, Navy, Gray & Gold

Favorite Flower:      Dhalia

Signature Style:      Contemporary Eclectic

A good time runs deep in Brittany’s bloodline.  Growing up as her grandmother’s only granddaughter, she spent a lot of time with her as a child as she prepared for parties that she often hosted. Unable to completely relinquish her love of seeing others enjoy a party, after selling the nightclub she and her husband owned, Brittany’s grandmother Martha, took to hosting extravagant parties in her home and did everything from décor and flower arranging to catering and bartending . With countless hours of arts and crafts, holiday decorating around the house, and acting as sous chef alongside her “Nana,” Brittany attributes her grandmother for igniting her natural knack for creativity and art.


Brittany studied hospitality management and interior design at San Francisco State University, and obtained her bachelor’s degrees from California State University, Northridge. The idea that somewhere in the gray space between these two fields of study was where event  coordination rested, was always in the forefront of her mind as she learned many  skills that  would later be of use to her.  A junkie for design, details and aesthetics, having a passion for all things creative, along with her enthusiasm to help people discover and execute their visions is what inspired her to make coordination her primary focus.

Being a true balance of right and left brain, makes event  production the pinnacle of Brittany's abilities. The adeptness to manipulate the "moving parts" of an event by  of  use reasoning, mathematics, spacial planning, schematics and budgeting along side the development of the"bigger picture"of an event and  the mood it creates, with  texture, color and creativity is the sweet  spot  where form meets function that  Brittany most  enjoys.


In her free time, Brittany enjoys experimenting with a new recipe, visiting the beach, watching documentaries,  concerts and music festivals, painting,  a competitive game night with her family and friends and enjoying the company of her God sons.


Motivated by challenge, growth and the desire to top her previous event, Brittany finds fulfillment in making each client a priority and delivering an event that is beyond the bounds of their expectations.

Saysha L. Davis  [the anaylist]




Astrological Sign:   Capricorn          

Favorite Food:        Polynesian BBQ

Favorite Drink:        Jameson Ginger

Favorite Color(s):    Yellow

Favorite Flower:      Tulip

Signature Style:      Simple Elegance

Born and raised in Oxnard, California  Saysha served her community in banking with over 13 years of experience in both consumer and commercial fields.  As a Vice President, she has managed over $200 million in bank assets and has been featured in both Ventura County Star and LA Times for her outstanding work.  

She first took an interest in event planning over a decade ago when she began helping family and friends with their special occasions.  After being recognized for her creativity and the urging of her family and friends she began coordinating for larger events. Saysha loves what she does, and that is evident when you watch her in action, a bright smile across her face. She exudes creativity and radiates a positive energy. With her talent, charm and winning smile, she easily develops solid relationships with her clients, colleagues and vendors. This ability allows her to relate to her clients needs, and have a greater understanding of their vision, goals, and objectives for their event. Often accused of being a perfectionist, Saysha directs her passion for perfection into everything she does from event logistics to design. She is obsessed with details and believes that the details are what set apart ordinary events from extraordinary events.

Saysha is an accomplished Event Planner/Producer who has built a name for herself in the Ventura County area. Her job is to ensure your special day and entire planning experience are stress-free and exactly as you've imagined it. She begins by creating a budget that works for you to make certain you get the most for your money. Not to mention, her negotiating skills are impressive, you can guarantee that class and quality are never forgotten.   

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially her husband and two young boys, Kellen and Kameron.  She enjoys all genres of music, dancing and going on local adventures with her children like the library, museums, visiting the zoo and fun filled days at the park.  

Meyumi C. Ortiz  [the strategist]




Astrological Sign:    Aries          

Favorite Food:        Lobster Mac & Cheese

Favorite Drink:        Jameson Gimlet

Favorite Color(s):    Glitter

Favorite Flower:      Orchid

Signature Style:       Whimsical

Coming from a small family that never really celebrated much other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, in my adult life I found myself always wanting to throw a party for any and everything you can possibly think of. I figured out that I absolutely loved planning events, taking on everything from beginning to end. Brainstorming an idea, searching for all the perfect décor, setting up and hosting.   I began doing this so often that friends started recruiting me to plan and coordinate their own events. I’ve done everything from birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings!


In 2014 I became engaged and started the journey of planning my own wedding! I realized that I was pretty good at what I was doing, and decided to start helping others (outside of my friends) with their events.  I’ve been very successful in doing so, finding ways to save my clients time and money, coming up with alternatives to ideas if we are coming close to our budget, pairing my clients with great vendors, and so on.


My ultimate goal is to have you enjoy every moment of YOUR special day, and not have to worry about a single thing!  Seeing the joy, excitement, and pure happiness of everything come together is what makes all of this worth it at the end.  Trust me when I tell you that there are going to be tons of questions, concerns, and topics that will come up that you hadn’t even thought twice about, but don’t worry, I’m here for you! You have my full attention! Feel free to reach out to me for these things. If I don’t have the answer immediately, I will get it for you.  I look forward to working with you on your dream day, and bringing your vision to life!

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